SML Bowser plush

One of the Main Characters in the show: Bowser

Mario (Luigi's Brother/Peach's Husband/Mama Luigi's friend)

Mama Luigi (Luigi's Clone/Kidnapper)

Mario's Clone (Clone of Mario)

Princess Peach (Bowser's Lover, Mario's Wife)

Goomba (Bowser's Goomba Girlfriend)

Goomba Max (Mario's Jail Best Friend)

Jamaican Crocodile (Mario's Jail Friend)

Officer Goodman/Judge Goodman (Police Officer, Court Judge, Guard of the Prison)

Booty Crocodile (Peach's Crocodile Kidnapper)

Toad (Bowser's Henchmen)

Koopa (Bowser's Minion)

Crack Bear (Mario's Friend, Bowser's Secret Minion)

Shrek (Friend of Mario & Woody)

Woody (Friend of Mario & Shrek)

Eagle (Booty Crocodile's Castle Protector)

Yoshi ("Demon" by Mario, friend of Mario, Peach, Luigi & Mama Luigi, Cousin to Black Yoshi, Bowser's Prisoner)

Black Yoshi (Cousin to Yoshi, friend to his lawyer, friend of Mario, Mama Luigi and Peach)

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